How safe is Vancouver? The Largest City in British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia, hosting over 2.6 million residents. A median of at least 6 million tourists visits Vancouver annually, both from the U.S. and other countries, due to its giant parks, mild temperatures which make it great for outdoor events and activities, its cultural life, shopping, and marvellous dining. With that being said, how safe is Vancouver?  all 100% url anchor text

Vancouver BC Canada Skyline along False Creek from Stanley Park at Blue Hour Panorama

Vancouver’s crime rate saw a slight increase since 2016, however, major crimes aren’t all that common. In fact, Vancouver is among the safest places in the Lower Mainland, Canada, and globally in other countries. Vancouver has incredible neighbourhoods. Minor crimes occur in less densely populated areas, but as with any big city, Vancouver has some dark side neighbourhoods that may be potentially dangerous risk to travelers. It is always best to follow some safety tips no matter where you are in the end.
Also whether you are thinking about buying or renting, this guide is worth your attention to determine just how safe is your next neighbourhood, or at least find out where not to live in.

Is Vancouver safe to visit, or live in? Let’s analyze in detail the violent crimes rate, and take into consideration property crimes, sexual offences, sexual assaults, car break-ins, and see which are the safest and most dangerous places in Vancouver overall in terms of risk.