Technology Concrete Floor Hardener Services

A significant disadvantage of non-floor hardener concrete floors is their tendency to increase dust formation.

The surface layer does not have high strength and begins to crumble under mechanical stress, minimum humidity and temperature.

This leads to the formation of cement dust, which settles on the surfaces of rooms, furniture and, even worse, in the human body.

In addition, the endless dust is the gradual destruction of the concrete floor, which reduces its service life.

To strengthen the surface layer of concrete and eliminate dust formation, the dust removal method is used.

Their main purpose is not to remove the existing dust, but to remove the cause of erosion in the concrete.

Two basic technologies can be used to harden a concrete surface: topping (applying a dry Floor Hardener mixture to fresh concrete) and impregnation with reinforcing compounds.

Both methods are effective against cracking, dust, weathering and the appearance of efflorescence on the concrete surface.