the core principles at Isom MD is preventive health care

At Isom MD, patients have access to one of the most exclusive primary care practices in Las Vegas, Nevada. Led by board-certified family medicine physician Naysha Isom, MD, the practice offers concierge style services, with an emphasis on prevention and high quality care.  family doctor

One of the core principles at Isom MD is preventive health care. With comprehensive annual physical exams, complete with detailed screenings and personalized nutrition and exercise programs, you can rely on Dr. Isom to help you stay healthy throughout every stage of your life.

Isom MD uses Fit3D®, a full body composition scanner, which allows her to gain insight into key areas of improvement for overall health as well as medical weight loss. As a direct primary care practice, Dr. Isom works with a smaller number of patients to spend more time with them and give them the highly personalized care they deserve. She also makes visits convenient for her patients, providing telemedicine services as well as home visits.

Dr. Isom truly values transparency, staying upfront about patients’ medical needs. With Isom MD’s membership-included diagnostic procedures and low-cost tests, Dr. Isom gets clear results right away to deliver prompt answers.